Bianchi Industrial and AutomationWare

AutomationWare is an innovative leader in electrical actuation, which is a valid alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, enabling energy savings, cleanliness, precision, reliability and safety in the workplace.

Linear axes are available with fixed or mobile belt technology and motorised carriages or recirculating ball screwsRoboLine is a new line with roller technologyTelescopic axes for high-speed linear Pick & Place applications complete the range.

Linear Electric Actuators

High-performance electric actuators with recirculating ball screws for application in restricted spaces or for heavy loads (over 700kN)Screws and nuts designed by AW and built by market leaders (Automationware is the only company in the world with the NSK Inside logo). Pick &Place systems can be combined with high-speed slides for pharma and food applications.

Newly designed cylinders with embedded motors.

Rotary electric actuators with possibility of cable sleeves.

Robotic Components

Platform of robotic joints with or without gear motors, and without play (harmonic drive), for the assembly of modular robotic systems on the basis of the application.