Bianchi Industrial and Continental

ContiTech develops, produces and provides belts, components and complete transmission systems for vehicles, machinery and equipment, and operates as an international development and service partner for the original equipment and spare parts market.

Test technologies are geared towards applications, and support the development of products that also focus on safeguarding the environment.

We use the synergies available within the group to deliver solutions that are optimised with regard to materials and construction technology, providing unlimited solutions to the manufacturers of plants and machinery.

Consult our catalogues to view gear motors, gear units, variatorsbeltschains and transmissions for any application. Our commercial department is available to respond to any request. Contact us and we will guide you on the correct choice for your requirements, advising you on the best component and, performance and duration for a specific application.

Bianchi Industrial also provides a qualified consultancy service, with specialist technicians who have the expertise to suggest the most innovative solutions, thanks to in-depth knowledge of products and the ability to assess every single application.

In addition to the before and after-sales service, when you buy from us you have the guarantee of receiving an original component. Bianchi Industrial guarantees the origin of components coming from its distribution network with the Bianchi Original Components mark on packaging.