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Bianchi Industrial and Dropsa

DROPSA designs and manufactures technologically innovative, centralised lubrication systems, which are guaranteed with an efficient before and after-sales service throughout the world.

The high quality of the products, the continuous search for top-performing solutions, and highly specialist engineers enable the company to provide a customised service that meets varied customer requirements.
Automatic and manual pumps, dual line and modular progressive dispensers, control devices and auxiliary components have been designed for different types of lubrication (grease, oil, air/oil), to increase the efficiency of industrial production systems and ensure decreased maintenance costs.

DROPSA has been developing and producing innovative components and solutions since 1946, improving the performance and extending the lifetime of bearings, wheels, chains, guides, screws and gears of all types, from small machines through to conveyor lines, and machinery for the printing, paper, steel industries, to name but a few. From the design through to the production phase, processes undergo strict quality control in line with standard ISO 9001:1994. The use of cutting-edge technology to design and control new products has ensured that innovative DROPSA solutions and designs are appreciated throughout the world.

DROPSA is a leader in the development of new products. The research and development (R&D) department devises, develops and produces continuous-cycle prototypes. The concept of 'modularity' used to create and design products makes it easy to adapt to supply requests.