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Bianchi Industrial and Ewellix

Ewellix is a leading provider of components and solutions for linear motion worldwide. They design, manufacture, and customize ball and roller screws, linear guides, ball bushings and actuators to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Satellite roller screws and roller recirculation screws are the ideal solution in the following cases:

  1. High axial loads
  2. High positioning precision due to millimeter steps
  3. High rotational speeds of the screw

One of the main benefits of these screws is as an innovative alternative to traditional hydraulic systems. They offer the same thrust performance whilst saving space, improving positioning accuracy (as oil is compressible), and avoiding leaks of contaminating oil, making them more sustainable. Moreover, compared to a hydraulic system, a fully electric system only uses power during the working phase, reducing energy consumption.

Ewellix's cutting-edge solutions for linear motion are designed to enhance machine performance, maximize utilization times, reduce maintenance, improve safety, and save energy. They also design solutions for industrial automation, medical equipment, vehicles, and other industrial applications.