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Bianchi Industrial and Festo

Festo is a renowned company in the supply of pneumatic and electromechanical components, as well as factory and industrial process automation systems, with a wide presence in over 250 locations covering more than 176 countries worldwide.

With a successful history dating back to 1925, Festo has excelled for three generations in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of products for two main sectors:

  1. Electric Automation
  2. Pneumatic Automation

Festo offers innovative solutions for compressed air conditioning, advanced sensors, connections, and pneumatic actuators, enabling its customers to optimize their automation systems and improve air treatment. With expertise in both the electrical and pneumatic fields, Festo is a reliable industry leader.

Pneumatic actuators, also known as compressed air cylinders, are essential components that utilize compressed air as a fluid to generate mechanical motion. They are widely used in a diverse range of industrial applications, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution, and are adaptable to even the most challenging environmental conditions. With operating speeds ranging from 10 mm/s to 3 m/s, pneumatic actuators are renowned for their robustness and flexibility, making them capable of withstanding high external forces.

Festo's range of pneumatic actuators includes rod and rodless cylinders (linear actuators), oscillating actuators, tandem cylinders, multi-position and stopper cylinders, as well as clamping and tensioning cylinders, guided linear actuators, and bellows and diaphragm cylinders. Additionally, Festo offers a wide selection of cylinders compliant with standards, featuring standardized mounting interfaces and dimensions, ensuring simple and efficient interoperability.

Festo Pneumatics