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Gerardi S.p.A was established by Ivano Gerardi Sr. in 1971. Situated just 5 km from the Malpensa 2000 airport, Gerardi is now the leading Italian manufacturer of modular, precision vices and clamping equipment. The company is a main player in Europe, and the quality and breadth of its range of solutions is known and appreciated throughout the world.

GERARDI modular vices are built such that all constituent equipment elements are interchangeable, and with the certainty that several vices can be used on the same machine, with perfect positioning and alignment only taking a few seconds. This can be achieved thanks to the high precision of the vice itself, and the following aspects in particular:

  • base height
  • alignment with longitudinal T-nuts with respect to the fixed jaw
  • the perpendicularity of the fixed jaw with respect to the base
  • parallel position of base levels.

These characteristics make it possible to resolve various and complex clamping issues in a few minutes using several vices.

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