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SMAC moving coil actuators can vary force, distance and speed depending on requirements. This type of solution offers the benefit of measuring feedback while completing an operation. Thanks to this technology we have the Soft-Land ™ feature, whereby a surface can be touched without its presence being felt by the system being tested. Mobile coil technology enables operation at very high or low speeds, and with sub-micron precision, with verifiable repeatability and a response time of 1 ms. They are designed to measure, position and test 100% of your production, where they carry out, check and validate the action requested.

The SMAC range includes:

  • Electric cylinders
  • Linear Actuators
  • Roto-Linear Actuators
  • Linear Guide Actuators
  • Grippers
  • XY Tables
  • MCA Inside Actuators
  • Multi-Axis Actuators
  • STACK Actuators
  • Gage Actuators
  • Controllers
  • DC Motors
  • Encoders

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