Bianchi Industrial and Neugart

Neugart manufactures gearboxes. The company was established in 1928 and remains in the hands of the family, now in the fourth generation. The company designs, produces and sells standard and customised planetary gearboxes, employing approximately 700 employees throughout the world, and approximately 600 of them at the historic headquarters in Kippenheim in South Baden.

This brand partner is committed to a zero error philosophy in developing and optimising products, guaranteeing reliability and quality that reaches 100% in all sectors. The main objective at Neugart is the quality of its products, customer satisfaction, and the continuous improvement of production processes.

To achieve this, they develop and optimise products and technologies that safeguard the environment and consider energy resources. For this reason, in 2012 when the BLUE COMPETENCE sustainability initiative was established, they were among the first to sign up to it, focusing on the internal optimisation of energy efficiency in production processes and transmission components, to reduce customer energy waste.

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