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Bianchi Industrial and Norton

Norton provides effective ad hoc solutions that are easy to use, enabling customers to create and finish all types of material, even in the most complex and technological applications. Be it high-precision grinding in electronics and aerospace applications, or DIY sanding operations, Norton has innovative technologies that have revolutionised the world of abrasive solutions.

Customers want the most innovative designs to remodel the world where we live, therefore Norton focuses on materials science and technologies to create and develop products in an innovative and environmentally-friendly manner.

Customers want to make the right choice, therefore this brand partner is committed to ensuring safety, convenience and efficiency, by providing a wide range of abrasive products to cut, model and finish any material for any application.

Customers want a quality partner. As a result, by focusing on the company's roots and diversity, the well-known Norton brand, more than 135 years of experience, over 10,000 dedicated employees, a global network of 60 branches in approximately 30 countries on all continents, R&D centres in the USA, Europe, China and India, in addition to sales, engineering and customer service professionals, Norton is dedicated to customers and distribution partners.

Norton is continually investing, in order to optimise the supply chain and digitalised processes, and provide quality service any time in any place that fully satisfies customers and serves different markets, including metal fabrication, the manufacturing industry, electronics and special processing operations, woodworking operations, transport, coachbuilding, construction, energy and the environment. Irrespective of the market or application, the company helps customer businesses to be successful, making every day better and redesigning the future, together.