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Bianchi Industrial and PMI

PMI manufactures linear ball and roller guides and ground recirculating rolled and ball screws, in addition to linear actuators and lobed shafts.

Established in Taiwan in 1990 as a manufacturer of recirculating ball screws, the company immediately focused on automation and machine tools, contributing over the years to the formation of solid experience in the domestic and international market.

The X-profile of the recirculating linear guides, with a contact angle of 45°, ensures that load is supported in equal measure in all four directions. The care taken in the production of screws and nuts provides certainty in terms of quality, guaranteeing excellent performance in all areas of industry and automation.

PMI products are ideal for machine tools, bottling machinery, the packaging, pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors, printing and woodworking machinery, and measuring equipment, and are suitable for applications requiring precision, a high number of cycles, large loads or high speeds.

The full range of recirculating ball and roller guides, and the vast offering of rolled and ground screws available, combined with considerable stock availability at Bianchi Industrial, makes PMI an important brand in the standard market, and provides our customers with reliable components at an affordable price.