Bianchi Industrial and Tecnamic

Tecnamic GmbH provides a wide range of couplings and ad hoc belt solutions. Its range is extended under the PTS Power Transmission belt GmbH brand, with industrial V-belts, timing belts, flat belts, conveyor belts, any other type of special belt required, and a range of different roller chains and pinions.

Tecnamic GmbH has a wide range of couplings tested for numerous drive solutions. Furthermore, the company specialises in building specific solutions for the belt transmission sector, specific solutions for customers, and high-quality standard transmission elements. PTS Power Transmission bbelt GmbH also has a comprehensive range of industrial V-belts, toothed belts, flat belts and conveyor belts, as well as special individual belts that have been tried and tested in practical applications for decades. The company also provides a wide range of roller chains and sprockets.

Both Tecnamic GmbH and PTS Power Transmission bbelt GmbH can boast a long history. They date back to 1906, specialising in mechanical clutches and transmission parts. The products of both companies and other product groups stand out due to their excellent quality, extended lifetime and high operational reliability. The strengths of Tecnamic GmbH and PTS Power Transmission bbelt GmbH are combined on the premises at Werl. A fully automated warehouse and pallet storage are integrated with a modern warehouse management system. Existing processes can be executed quickly and efficiently in combination with the modern technology used.