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Bianchi Industrial and Timken

Rotalube® by Timken is a precise chain lubrication method. This patented invention provides the right amount of lubrication at an exact point in a chain, penetrating the bearing areas.

While drip feed application, manual application, brush application, and comparable spraying systems are better than no lubrication, they have different levels of success and it can be difficult to reach the right point, especially when the speed of the chain fluctuates.

The simple yet precise technology that comes with Rotalube® is not affected by speed fluctuations:

  • it simply provides the right amount of lubricant in the right place every time;
  • it lubricates accurately, efficiently and reliably;
  • it reduces lubricant consumption.

Rotalube® does not suffer from excessive wear, and maintains accurate lubrication irrespective of the condition of the chain.

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