Bianchi Industrial and Zero-Max

Zero-Max Inc. provides high-precision solutions for the automation, packaging, printing, machine tool, wind turbine sectors and many more. It has an international presence thanks to targeted logistics. The product range includes flexible couplings and speed changers.

Zero-Max is a leading provider of solutions to control movement and power transmission, and one of the most reliable manufacturers of couplings in the sector. Premium products include high-precision shaft couplings, right angle gears, bushings and other components for power transmission and motion control, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. As every application is different, Zero-max also provides customised versions of all products.

The company has been a leading manufacturer of power transmission products for more than 70 years.

It all started with a revolutionary variable speed transmission that enabled output speed to be varied from zero to maximum. This discovery resulted in the creation of the Zero-Max brand, and a passion for designing high-quality motion control and power transmission components that can be customised.

Customers throughout the world choose and rely on Zero-max for:

  • High-quality products made using cutting-edge technology
  • Innovative designs that deliver high-performance with no play
  • Practical technical support from expert personnel
  • Clean, quality-orientated design and production processes

Extensive customisation capability and resources