Bianchi Industrial has always been proactive in tackling counterfeiting. This commitment to customers is demonstrated with the B.O.C. (Bianchi Original Components) mark on all consignments, guaranteeing the origin of the components provided through its entire distribution network.

Bianchi Industrial ascertains the originality of super and standard-precision components that are purchased directly and exclusively from our suppliers, who are world leaders for quality.

The Bianchi Industrial service can be summarised in one message: correct selection, correct application, and a guaranteed brand to ensure complete safety and transparency for end users.

In its mission as an official, authorised distributor, the Bianchi Group guarantees the origin of products distributed with the BOC (Bianchi Original Components) mark applied to individual consignments.

Bianchi Industrial
and the environment

Bianchi Industrial proactively contributes to safeguarding the environment through actions with a direct impact.

The introduction of light hybrid vehicles as part of a short to medium-term plan, and the extension of the photovoltaic changeover project to all Italian branches, demonstrate the company's ongoing commitment. In addition to applying the standard health and safety norms for the wellbeing of the company's employees, the Bianchi Group also provides medical support through an internationally-recognised healthcare facility. Given the recent medical requirements, stringent health checks and tests are carried out regularly for all Bianchi Group's employees.


The use of simplified packaging limits the amount of packaging materials required, whilst always safeguarding the integrity of components.

Bianchi Industrial proactively contributes to safeguarding the environment through targeted actions. In particular, when preparing consignments the packaging received from suppliers is reused where possible and supplemented with biodegradable or recyclable materials.


Ongoing engagement with suppliers enables the company to identify environmentally-friendly solutions, thanks also to the use of recyclable packaging materials. Bianchi Group supports a sustainable circular economy by purchasing and distributing industrial components manufactured by 'green' companies. Processing operations and our consideration for the wellbeing of our employees can be verified via the website.

Industrial processes

Reorganising industrial processes and containing energy consumption complete the areas in which the Bianchi Group maintains an ongoing commitment. All component processing and customisation operations are carried out with the utmost care and in compliance with the latest environmental standards, without ever overlooking the importance of every supplier's contribution.


Alberto Bianchi

Alberto Bianchi

Chairman & CEO

Our company was established in 1921 by my grandfather Emilio, in the province of Varese.

Since then we have grown alongside the businesses of our customers and suppliers, not only by making their high-tech products available, but also by supporting them in selecting the best and most reliable option for a specific application in terms of precision and lifetime, and in choosing the most beneficial solutions with regard to performance and sustainability.

Today, as in the past, we are not just a logistics centre par excellence for our customers, we are also a strategic partner in tune with the components and solutions provided.

And this is through a century of work...

that's one hundred years, just to be precise.


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