Belt tensioners enable belts to be tensioned correctly from the start so that they last longer, and to also increase the lifetime of other mechanical components, such as bearings.

As a result, belt tensioners prevent faults and increase the lifetime of transmissions in industrial applications.

Bianchi Industrial provides various solutions to meet any application requirements, such as compact dimensions, where measuring belt tension with traditional tools would not be possible.

In particular, the company can provide customers with CONTI VSM-1, VSM-2, VSM-3 and VSM Mini electronic devices for tensioning belts, thanks to its partnership with Continental.

These devices have been designed to measure the initial tension of toothed belts and ribbed belts. They can be used to optimise the static force of belt strands, irrespective of the type of resistant core, simply and accurately:

  • VSM-1 has a flexible lever with sensor to enable monitoring even in cases where access is difficult, and optoelectronics ensure a precise reading.
  • VSM-2 has a serial interface for connecting to a PC, making it possible to log and process initial tension data.
  • VSM-3 has VSM-1 characteristics plus a compact design for reliable measurements even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • VSM-Mini is a compact device for measuring belt tension which is charged via USB. As well as its compact size, the display is always clearly visible and displays battery charge and measurement data in hertz. The device operates through contact, and is easily applied to belts using an O-ring or the adhesive pads provided. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be kept in a pocket for instant measurements as required, avoiding the inconvenience of returning later.

Bianchi Industrial has a team of technical consultants, product managers and specialists dedicated to individual product lines, who work alongside the sales team and liaise with our customers' technical departments to provide advice according to customer needs.

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