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Bianchi Industrial and linear actuators - the widest range on the market

The catalogue of Bianchi Industrial linear actuators is one of the most comprehensive on the distribution market, thanks to the following brands:

Each has different characteristics for different customer requirements and applications.

Festo electric linear actuators

Festo is a leading German brand of pneumatics, and the company has created a line of electric cylinders and slides for applications in all fields of automation:

  • EPCC electric cylinders for simple positioning operations in 4 sizes and stroke up to 500 mm.
  • EPCG electric cylinders designed for the food industry, in an IP65 enclosure and with FDA approved grease.
  • IO-Link, the integrated plug&play solution for simple motion which does not need software for the commissioning phase, and can be configured directly on the actuator.

Attuatori lineari AutomationWare

AutomationWare has its range of Mech Series electric linear actuators designed for different requirements:

  • Mech-Valve compact electrical cylinders are designed for quick applications with low loads, have dimensions of 16, 25 or 32 mm and stepper or transferred power.
  • Mech-Force electrical cylinders suited to high loads and prolonged operation, made with reinforced profiles in accordance with standard ISO 15552 and powered with brushless or stepper motors, configurable directly, in line or in parallel.
  • Mech Plus and Extreme linear actuators for applications with high loads and dynamics. The profile has a reinforced frame combined with high-load capacity screws and reduced-dimension nuts. The Mech Extreme version reaches a dynamic load of 750,000 N, with an ISO5 ground screw constructed according to precise AutomationWare specifications.
  • All linear actuators can be equipped with the Aware Vu predictive diagnostic system, to provide continuous feedback on operating conditions, and send signals indicating component stress and wear.

Ewellix Linear Actuators

Ewellix is the new brand established in 2019 by the historic company SKF Linear Motion, inheriting its lengthy experience and technical expertise. The extensive range provided by Ewellix includes actuators for all applications, from clean applications for the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors through to applications in the agricultural industry:

  • Matrix, Runner, Caja and Ecomag are linear actuators for light applications with short cycles, such as biomedical applications, medical beds and office equipment.
  • Magdrive is an inline linear actuator to meet all design requirements
  • CAHB, CAT, CAR and CAP actuators are designed to meet various load and cycle requirements, and operation in complex environments. They are available in different load, speed and voltage combinations.

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