Roll-ring chain tensioners

Roll-ring chain tensioners constitute the cheapest and most basic system for tensioning chains correctly. After checking applicability, it is easy and economical to use, and is essential for the correct operation of chain transmissions.

ROLL-RING® is a simple but innovative chain tensioner made with a specially formulated polymer. Its unique design is based on a simple toothed ring that can be fitted to horizontal, vertical or diagonal transmissions in a few seconds, just by positioning it between the two strands of the chain. It is also self-adjusting and requires no maintenance.

When the unit is in use, ROLL-RING® changes into an elliptical shape due to compression between the strands, and absorbs any slack in the chain completely. ROLL-RING® is a tensioner and damper in one, and is ideal for applications in which maintenance is difficult or impossible.


The ROLL-RING® tensioner is cheap to install and maintain and saves time.

It has the following advantages compared with other chain tensioners:

  • it is easy to install where space limits prohibit the use of conventional chain tensioners.
  • it can be fitted in a few seconds.
  • it is self-supporting, requiring no toothed cogs, bolts, plates, holes or costly installations.
  • it is ready to use without tools, tensioning devices or any other alignment or adjustment.
  • it is fully effective in all types of transmissions.
  • it operates automatically, requires no maintenance, and is self-lubricating.
  • it can be used in dusty or dirty environments.
  • it is a tensioner and damper in one, thereby reducing noise levels.
  • it operates in both directions of rotation.

ROLL-RING® chain tensioners reduce wear on chains and improve the quality and efficiency of the entire transmission system.

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