IKO cam followers and rollers

IKO cam followers and rollers are bearings designed for the external ring to rotate on a track.

Cam followers and rollers, with or without threaded pins, are basically roller or needle bearings with a thick external ring, with a convex rolling band to prevent stress at the edges when they are subject to misalignment forces. They are pre-lubricated units ready for assembly, and are suited to all types of cam, track, conveyor operation etc.

Technical characteristics

The roller bearings provided have rollers or needles for the heavy-duty series, whereas the external ring surfaces are also available in the convex or cylindrical version. The convex versions are valued in most cases as they prevent dangerous load concentrations at edges, whereas the cylindrical versions, targeting low pressures specifically, are recommended in the case of high loads or tracks with low levels of hardness. With the cylindrical versions, high-precision housings and accurate assembly must be guaranteed.

Versions with cages are appreciated for maintaining a low, constant coefficient of friction and high rotation speeds. Full complement versions can withstand higher loads, but the inevitable internal friction penalises speed.

Cam followers have a threaded pin to make them easy and quick to assemble using a hex bolt.

Cam followers are provided in the eccentric version. A solid eccentric ring is fitted to the shank of standard cam followers, to adjust backlash between the external ring and the track during operation.

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