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Maintain the perfect efficiency of mechanical components

Regular lubrication oil analysis maintains the perfect efficiency of mechanical components, and enables savings on the disposal of used oil. Bianchi Industrial provides an oil analysis service in conjunction with its brand partner Klüber Italia, which is essential for machinery of medium to large dimensions. We can carry out targeted laboratory analyses using sophisticated instrumentation, to assess the condition of the lubricant and machinery.

The oil analysis kit includes everything required to take a sample of the lubricant to be analysed, along with a machine data form. Once the sample has been taken and information gathered on the system, everything is sent to the Klüber technicians for analysis.

Analysis reports

The Klüber laboratories provide a report showing the analysis methods used, threshold values customised in relation to the machinery, lubrication and application characteristics, followed by technical operating instructions and information.

Reports are issued with photographs of the condition of the lubricants and sent to the customer, providing all information required to plan maintenance operations, and replace the lubricant within the necessary timescale.

This type of preventative maintenance makes it possible to:

  • understand plant operating conditions and therefore reduce maintenance costs, by preventing faults due to unsuitable lubrication, and by improving performance levels.
  • ensure reliable, continuous operation of the hydraulic system and its components, guaranteeing the increased lifetime of machinery.
  • review maintenance policies to minimise the loss of time and money due to corrective maintenance operations, and make savings on purchasing and disposing of lubricants.

Klüber Lubrication

Klüber Lubrication is a leading company in the petrochemical industry. It specialises in the manufacture of lubricants for specific applications, providing products and tribology solutions for various industries, including the food, machine tool, mechanical engineering and wind energy sectors.

Klüber develops and manufactures new products in line with an environmental policy that focuses on saving energy and resources. This aim is achieved through minimal lubrication and lifetime lubrication. In particular, the special high-performance oils reduce machinery friction, lowering energy requirements as a result, and hence decreasing CO2 emissions.

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