Ball bearings: characteristics and use

Rigid, radial single or double row ball bearings are available.

Among the roller bearings that are available, the rigid, radial single row version is the type most commonly used.

They have a simple structure, can be disassembled, are suitable for high speeds, and generally have modest requirements in terms of maintenance. Thanks to the geometry of the rolling track, with no slots for inserting balls, and a high contact ratio between balls and tracks, these bearings can withstand moderate axial loads acting in both directions, even at high speed.

Also available are rigid, radial, single row bearings equipped with protective shields or watertight seals on one or both sides. The protective shields have a small radial gap around the inner ring whearas the sealed bearings have sliding seals. Bearings with protective shields and watertight seals are provided with a standard amount of grease, and can operate at temperatures between -30 and +110°C

Ball bearing maintenance

Ball bearings do not need to be re-lubricated during operation, and must never be washed or heated before assembly

Series 622, 623 and 630 are watertight shielded bearings and are especially suited to applications where there are long periods of operation without maintenance. These two configurations are mainly intended for applications where the inner ring turns. In cases where the outer ring turns, there is a risk at certain speeds of lubrication leaking, therefore it is advisable to consult the Bianchi Industrial technicians.

Rigid, radial double row ball bearings have slots for inserting the balls, which makes it possible to arrange a large number in each row. These bearings therefore have a high capacity for withstanding radial loads, but their ability to withstand axial loads is rather limited. Rigid, radial double row ball bearings are also available as an alternative option without slots for inserting balls.

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