Maintenance-free bearings

NSK's self-lubricating Molded-Oil ™ bearings are lubricated with a special oil-impregnated resin, and are suitable for water and dust-contaminated environments. They are ecological as they self-lubricate with a very small amount of oil, which filters slowly from the Molded-Oil ™ material, minimising oil leaks. The stainless steel version means they can be used in corrosive environments. They are also available for high-speed applications.

The C-Lube series, maintenance-free needle bearings feature innovative IKO lubrication technology, consisting of a solid thermoset lubricant that wraps around the rollers in the bearing space. As the bearing rotates, a suitable amount of polyolefin resin is gradually released by means of capillary action from its mould onto the sliding, maintaining lubrication coverage for a long period of time. The main benefits of C-Lube are its suitability in applications where maintenance is difficult.

No manual lubrication or equipment is necessary for central lubrication, and no oil is lost. C-Lube technology is available for needle bearings, rollers and cam followers.

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