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Linear guides with recirculating rollers: characteristics and advantages

Maximum flexibility is the priority for modern machine tools such as milling machines, machining centres, lathes, conveyors and grinders, which must be capable of moving considerable weights with minimum yield, and handling heavy-duty and finishing operations.

Plants for processing sheet metal, welding plants and large robot handlers increasingly have to operate for 24 hours, therefore machine stoppages must be kept to a minimum and linear guides must be fairly indestructible. Pressed sheet metal and plastic materials move heavy structures with forces applied and increases in operating speed, and classic sliding guide systems are less suited to operating in these conditions.

The only solution for these and other types of machinery is linear guides with recirculating balls, which can guarantee the following unrivalled characteristics:


  • maximum dynamic load capacity, and especially static load which can be supported in any direction
  • recirculating roller runners that enable different shapes to meet the requirements of any application
  • up to 4 levels of precision and preload
  • size range 10 to 100
  • low sliding friction
  • incredibly silent, especially the caged recirculating roller versions
  • maintenance-free in versions with runners on self-lubricating recirculating rollers
  • unlimited lengths as tracks can be joined together
  • in addition to standard seals, the recirculating roller runners are provided complete with an optional set of seals to operate in very contaminated environments

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