Vibration analysis through condition monitoring systems

Among the possible mechanical indicators of system faults, vibrations can be measured using Condition Monitoring systems.

A specific product and service provided by Bianchi Industrial for analysing vibrations is illustrated below.

Smart check - Schaeffler

The SmartCheck from Schaeffler is a compact, innovative, modular online measuring system for continuous, decentralised monitoring of machinery and process parameters. It can be used on assemblies where such monitoring was previously too costly.

Increasing competition means companies are continually looking to reduce their maintenance costs. It is therefore essential to avoid unplanned stoppages and minimise the duration of machine stoppages.

In the case of standard machines such as pumps, fans and gear units, Condition Monitoring was often not applied continuously, as a cost-effective solution such as SmartCheck by Schaeffler was not available.

For example, SmartCheck is suitable for the early detection of damage to roller bearings, imbalances and alignment errors on:

  • Electric motors and gear motors
  • Fluid and vacuum pumps
  • Fans and blowers
  • Gear units and compressors
  • Spindles and machine tools

Vibrations can be analysed in three stages using SmartCheck from Schaeffler:

  • In the first stage individual machines are monitored on a decentralised basis.
  • If the user selects the second stage, the device is intelligently integrated in the machine controller.
  • In the third phase the service is delivered from a single source by an external service provider. This can include remote access via an Internet
    connection as well as advice and other services.

Outsource monitoring

The Schaeffler SmartCheck web interface enables remote access to measurement data via an Internet connection. Monitoring can therefore be outsourced to an external service provider.

The device is ready for immediate use and data can be accessed directly from the device.

Motion amplification - Dark wave thermo

Bianchi Industrial provides quality Condition Monitoring systems and services with the best technologies and the best experts.

This is achieved through the company's brand partner DarkWave Thermo, enabling access to the best diagnostic techniques for analysing machinery and its satisfactory installation, already detecting the first weak signs of vibration, which then develop and transpire into a major issue. The task of diagnostics is to ensure that anomalies are detected and addressed as early as possible, to keep inconvenience to a minimum and costs acceptable.

Motion AmplificationTM is the latest technology able to 'measure' and 'highlight' movement which is not visible to the naked eye, by implementing a very precise vibration analysis system. It applies high-speed video technology connected to advanced image analysis software, and can detect amplitudes less than pixel IFOV (sub-pixel displacement measurements).

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