Roller screws: characteristics and advantages

EWELLIX is Bianchi Industrial's supplier of sophisticated axis control solutions. Satellite roller screws and recirculating roller screws are the ultimate solution in the following cases:

  • extreme axial thrust
  • high-precision positioning
  • high acceleration
  • requirement for pitches measuring millimetres
  • high nut rotation speed

In the first case the innovation is especially appreciated over traditional hydraulic axes. In practice they offer the same thrust performance levels, reduced dimensions, more precise positioning (the oil can be compressed), absence of pollution and less power applied.

This is possible thanks to the large areas of contact between the roller surfaces, the nut and the corresponding screws.

The roller contact profiles are convex to ensure the contact surface is large and to limit friction.

In practice roller screws also guarantee highly efficient operation because, unlike the design of recirculating ball screws, the rollers turn in their housing without coming into contact with each other.

The catalogue range goes from a diameter of 8 up to 240 mm, and a pitch range of 1 to 50 mm. This range includes the most requested diameters and pitches, in order to offer a set of standard roller screws at a reasonable price and delivery timescale.

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