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Workshop tools

D’Andrea (Italian leader in modular systems and tool holders), Gerardi (Italian leader in vices and components for lathes and machining centres) and Filtermist (British company) are some of our partners in tools for mechanical workshops, be they traditional or cutting-edge businesses.

The range includes high-precision tool holders (collet clamping, b clamping, hydraulic clamping or heat-shrink fit), analogue and digital modular boring systems with precision to the order of hundredths or thousandths, self-centring, standard and sophisticated vices, clamping platforms, tailstocks, dies, lathe holders, powered, torque multipliers, angular heads and filtration systems for individual tooling machines or entire workshops.

Also included are tool turrets and steady rests, die equipment, thermal shrinking, presetting, vacuum plates, magnetic plates and dividers.

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Bianchi Industrial also provides a qualified consultancy service, with specialist technicians who have the expertise to suggest the most innovative solutions, thanks to in-depth knowledge of products and the ability to assess every single application.

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