These seals are made of an O-ring in elastomer material, which energises a normally loaded PTFE pad, which acts as a dynamic seal element, guaranteeing a low coefficient of friction and high resistance to extrusion and wear.

  • At low pressures the seal is guaranteed by preloading the O-ring.
  • As pressure increases, the system turns into a feedback system. The seals pushing towards the housing base will activate a higher seal force.

This ability to adapt to different operational requirements ensures that friction and wear are limited to that which is strictly necessary.

PTFE differs from other plastic materials due to the following:

  • it is exceptionally chemically inert
  • it has a low coefficient of friction and is very resistant to high temperatures
  • the different fillers that can be added (bronze, carbon, glass, carbon fibre etc.)
  • combining it with different types of O-ring increase mechanical and chemical-physical characteristics, depending on operational requirements.

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