January 2020 saw the completion of the merger by incorporation of Luigi Bianchi, a Bianchi Group company specialising in industrial accessories since 1921, into Bianchi Industrial, becoming a branch based in Gallarate.

This enabled Bianchi Industrial to acquire the expertise typical of Luigi Bianchi in the tool sector.

As a result, Bianchi Industrial can provide the market with an even more comprehensive package of products to meet customer requirements in the various sectors typical of this industry, alongside the best internationally-renowned brand partners.


Thanks to the presence of expert personnel (Product Manager and Product Specialist), and a specialist warehouse with readily available products, customers can enjoy an even more exclusive experience with the company. This is accompanied by quality technical and business support (before and after-sales) and efficient logistics, to deliver a consistent distribution model that meets tool requirements in a continually-evolving market.

An extensive range of industrial tools

The product offering in this sector includes a wide range of industrial tools for different applications, and is at the service of various industries represented by specific groups.

Whether the customer is a simple mechanic's workshop or an up-to-date, sophisticated Industry 4.0 company using FMS (flexible manufacturing system) technology, Bianchi Industrial and its tool department always puts that customer at the centre of the service.