The Bianchi Industrial range of couplings and joints

The Bianchi Industrial power transmission range has numerous couplings and joints for drive shafts, from servo motors that require ultra-precise control to endothermic engines with high vibrations and impact, rigid couplings, precision couplings and transmission couplings.

Bending of the shaft during equipment operation, the heat expansion of shafts, the deformation of plates due to long periods of use and wear on bearings, make it difficult to keep shafts aligned within their initial tolerances. The role of joints is to resolve these issues by selecting the most suitable type for an application.

A requirement, a product and a producer.

The list of brands and types of joints provided by Bianchi Industrial is as long as the range is wide, and the following in particular are available:

  • Tecnamic's most common joints, including Habix flexible star couplings, PEX flexible joints with plugs, and many others.
  • Quality brands such as Huco, Ringfeder/Gerwah and Miki Pulley for precision joints
  • Renold and Renold-Hitec accompanied since 2018 by another historic brand, Stromag-Periflex, for high-performance joints where vibrations are an issue.
  • Timken/Qf/R+L , Tschan and Sinflex complete the range of flexible joints.
  • Universal joints and transmission couplings, in flanged or hub versions, complete the range for applications where angles and distances are inevitable. With products by our brand partners Mk Cardan, Italgiunti and SIN, we can guarantee size interchangeability, high quality standards, an efficient delivery service and value for money.

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