Self-lubricating and special Renold and Wippermann chains

Continuous research aimed at improving and resolving specific system issues has led major chain manufacturers to design self-lubricating and special chains for specific applications. With the range of chains produced by Renold and Wippermann, Bianchi Industrial can provide targeted application solutions in any industrial sector:

  • We can provide Renold SYNO and Wippermann Marathon self-lubricating chains to resolve lubrication issues in those applications where the presence of oil or grease is not recommended. They are suitable for use in the food and automation industries, and in applications where product contamination is to be avoided, and are available in a wide range, from simple chains through to double versions.
  • Renold Hydroservice and Wippermann Biathlon KS chains with anti-corrosion treatment. Stainless steel chains that last up to 30 times longer in a corrosive environment compared with standard steel applications in water or saline atmospheres. Every component is mechanically treated before assembly to ensure ongoing, guaranteed protection.
  • Renold Sovereign and Wippermann Triathlon chains with pins resistant to abrasive materials.

Some applications require a specific solution. Using a chain with standard specifications in a difficult environment will lead to reduced component lifetime, potential chain faults and costly stoppages. These can be avoided by using a chain which has been specially designed for the application.

Abrasive environments, such as brick and tile factories with dust and debris, are perfect examples of applications that require Renold Sovereign chains.

These chains have undergone special surface treatment that increases resistance to wear considerably. This means they are resistant to the effects of dust and debris that can enter housings between pins, bushings and plates, which could quickly ruin a standard chain.

Carbon steels with high load capacities, protection against corrosion which safeguards the environment, and our tested bushings in Trigleit FDA polymer make Wippermann Triathlon KS an all-rounder in high-performance chains for delicate production processes. Optimal chain durability is guaranteed even in extreme conditions with high levels of humidity and temperatures between -30 ° C and +150 ° C.

  • Pin chains: The Renold Synergy chain is one of the best roller chains on the market, thanks to the materials used and precision during processing. It guarantees a clearly superior performance to chains produced by major competitors, thanks to pins tempered at the ends (100HV hardness) and special treatment on the links. It is designed to withstand high pressures on the rollers, low elongation, fatigue duration that is 60% greater than the values indicated in ISO standards, and reduced wear of 0.01% after 1000 hours of operation.

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