Renold SD and WITRA transmission chains

With the Renold SD and WITRA chains we can provide customers with transmission chains for standard applications, where satisfactory operation in standard application conditions is guaranteed.

Bianchi Industrial has a wide stock of chains in packs or reels, and also provides a customised sectioning service to meet any customer requirements.

Renold is a historic brand partner of Bianchi Industrial, and provides quality transmission chains that are known and used throughout the world for their reliability, durability and strength. Renold is present on the market under its three main brands: Renold, Renold A&S and Renold SD, which stand out for quality, cost-effectiveness, diverse use and application. In particular:

  • Renold chains are top of the range, are particularly b and have a very long lifetime
  • Renold A&S chains undergo a similar production process to Renold chains, maintaining the qualitative continuity of the German Arnold&Stolzenberg production process, from which it takes its name
  • Finally, Renold SD transmission chains meet the requirements of customers whose applications need good quality transmission chains, a well-known, cost-effective brand, and high quality standards based on the engineering experience of the parent company.

These chains are accompanied by Witra transmission chains. The name Wipperman is a leader in the production of high quality roller chains. The company guarantees high-level transmission chains while safeguarding the environment, and employee health and safety.

The materials used to manufacture these transmission chains are selected and checked carefully, with the aim of optimising chain features for day-to-day use, especially in terms of wear, fatigue and corrosion.

Wipperman produces transmission chains under the Witra brand for light to medium-duty applications, ensuring value for money in industrial applications across various sectors.

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