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Bianchi Industrial collaborates with globally recognized partners such as Dropsa, Perma, Kluber, SKF, and Timken, offering its customers expertise, specialization, and advice on selecting the most suitable products in this sector. We provide lubricants, oils, greases, and pastes, as well as lubrication systems, to meet various application needs.

Lubrication involves delivering the appropriate amount of lubricant to mechanical components and can be accomplished in three ways:

  1. Manual: Managed by an operator who periodically checks the systems. This method means the amount of lubricant may not always be consistent. Insufficient lubrication can lead to component failure and machine downtime.
  2. Automatic: Managed with single and multi-point systems filled with grease or oil, automatic systems are programmable over specific timeframes such as days, weeks, or months. Various options are available, including electrochemical operation, battery-powered, electric, or PLC-managed systems. With automatic lubrication, all mechanical components receive the appropriate daily amount of lubricant.
  3. Centralized: Managed by electric and pneumatic control units, combined with sequential blocks featuring calibrated flow rates of lubricant. This system can efficiently lubricate an entire production line, even with considerable distances between the control unit and the greasing points. The control units can be managed by a PLC and have their own tank, allowing customers to use their preferred lubricant.

To ensure successful lubrication management, choosing the right lubricant according to the application is crucial. Incorrect lubricant selection could lead to inadequate lubrication film between friction parts, causing premature failure. 

The market offers several types of lubricants that cater to various needs required by production plants.