Toothed Belts

Standard-Performance Toothed Belts: CONTI SYNCHROBELT, CONTI SYNCHROLINE, CONTI SYNCHROCOLOR, CONTI SYNCHROTWIN, CONTI SILENTSYNC, CONTI SYNCHRORIB, CONTI SYNCHRODRIVE and CONTI POLY FLAT versions are designed for standard applications requiring good quality and reliability.

Advanced-Performance Toothed Belts: CONTI SYNCHROFORCE CXP/CXA , CONTI SYNCHROCOLOR CXP/CXA, CONTI SYNCHROTWIN CXP/CXA, CONTI SYNCHRORIB CXP/CXA , CONTI SYNCHROFLEX, CONTI SYNCHRODRIVE HS, CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN and CONTI POLY FLAT HS versions are designed for improving and optimising existing transmissions without modifying the design, and offer superior performance compared with the standard belts.

High-Performance Toothed Belts: CONTI SYNCHROFORCE CARBON, CONTI SYNCHROFORCE EXTREME, CONTI SYNCHRORIB CARBON, CONTI SYNCHROFLEX GEN III, CONTI SYNCHRODRIVE XHP-XHS, CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON and CONTI POLY FLAT XHP-XHS versions are designed for use in extreme conditions, high loads, high temperatures, positioning precision, and guarantee safe and reliable operation.

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