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Super-precision bearings for maximum performance

Super-precision bearings ensure high levels of quality and performance because they are produced in line with the strictest production standards. These components are highly reliable, and able to meet the most challenging application requirements regarding speed, load capacity, rigidity and durability. Their use is mainly destined for machine tools, especially spindles and high-frequency electrospindles, but also in applications where high-performance levels are required. They are also widely used in recirculating ball screw supports, making it possible to withstand high loads while maintaining system rigidity.

Characteristics of super-precision bearings

Super-precision bearings make it possible to reach very high speeds, while maintaining stable temperature values and increasing system rigidity. They are available in a version for universal assembly, and can be rigid or spring preloaded, thereby ensuring correct operation, even at high performance ratings.

They may be lubricated with oil or grease and are available in a shielded version, to guarantee better protection against external contamination, and a pre-greased version with lubricants specified by the customer. The wide range of sizes available in the high-speed version (STANDARD series - ISO 10, ISO 19 and ISO 02) and very high-speed version (ROBUST series – ISO 10 and ISO 19) means they can be used in any configuration.

The use of high-performance materials means they are available in a steel version for bearings (100Cr6), a hybrid version (with balls made of ceramic material - Si3N4), and a special steel version (SHX), making it possible to reach speeds higher than NDm of 2 million.

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