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Lubrication solutions designed to lubricate individual machines or entire systems

Bianchi Industrial provides a wide range of lubrication systems in conjunction with its brand partners, which are designed to lubricate individual machines or entire systems:

  • Dropsa has been designing and manufacturing systems and components for centralised lubrication systems since 1946, continually developing new products and patents that have helped to make the lubrication sector more innovative and competitive throughout the world. The high quality of the products, the continuous search for new, increasingly high-performing solutions, and the high level of specialisation enable the company to provide a customised service that meets varied customer requirements.
  • Perma's automatic single and multi-point lubrication systems, which guarantee correct lubrication without product waste and additional costs; the range has products for all applications, and numerous lubricants to meet varied requirements.
  • SKF provides a range of single-line and progressive products, with the option of using interchangeable cartridges or directly filling a tank, and single-point lubrication solutions.
  • With the takeover of Interlube, Groeneveld and Beka, Timken can boast various lubrication systems and components, including Rotalube. The innovative Rotalube applicator is a unique, accurate method for lubricating chains. It releases the exact quantity of lubricating oil required to reach the points subject to most wear between the pin and bushing on the chain. It can be controlled and managed through an integrated unit in the lubrication pump or via PLC. Using this product can considerably reduce pin wear, chain lengthening and lubricant waste, resulting in savings on overall maintenance costs.

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