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Bianchi Industrial and Lista

Lista has been synonymous with safety and reliability for over 75 years, and is a valuable partner for equipping work spaces and warehouses. The company offers a high-quality product range made exclusively in Switzerland and Germany. Cutting-edge production techniques, in addition to ongoing investment and innovation in production processes, ensure excellent results.

The most popular products are now available in the new LISTA Compact catalogue, containing a set of the most requested solutions for each product group. Naturally each product can be freely configured and ordered individually, with the benefits that set LISTA apart from its competitors:

  • Comprehensive A-Z list, ranging from controlled access equipment through to plinths for cupboards.
  • Design that enables all products to be freely combined together.
  • Bespoke solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Maximum flexibility with a wide range of colours, configuration options and much more.
  • Additional services such as training courses, assembly, labelling etc.
  • Accurate designing with LISTA Draw visualisation software.
  • 10-year guarantee, unique in the sector.
  • Global sales and support network for borderless customer support.
  • First-class recommendations by more than 100,000 leading companies throughout the world.