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Bianchi Industrial and Perma

Perma's market leadership in the field of single-point lubrication is based on products that are certified and backed by multiple patents. All Perma products are developed, tested and manufactured at the central German premises and comply with Made in Germany quality standards.

Extensive experience and a global network of branches and specialist partners operating throughout the world, enable Perma to provide numerous solutions that can meet the highest technical requirements.

For more than 50 years Perma has been synonymous with innovation and creativity in the field of lubrication. Perma's single-point and multi-point lubrication systems are used all over the world, in almost all application sectors and industries.

Perma is the only player in the field of single-point lubrication offering systems as a solution, by investing continually in research and development.

Consult our catalogues in the section on Lubrication to view lubrication pumps, dispenserslubricants and solutions for any application.

In addition to the before and after-sales service, when you buy from us you have the guarantee of receiving an original component. Bianchi Industrial guarantees the origin of components coming from its distribution network with the Bianchi Original Components mark on packaging.

Bianchi Industrial also provides a qualified consultancy service, with specialist technicians who have the expertise to suggest the most innovative solutions, thanks to in-depth knowledge of products and the ability to assess every single application.