Bianchi Industrial and SINFLEX

Sinflex is a longstanding brand partner of Bianchi Industrial, and offers a wide range of standard or customised jaw couplings, which are interchangeable with the main brands on the market.

  • Self-aligning SINFLEX jaw couplings are the result of advanced technology and extensive manufacturing experience.
  • The standard version of the flanged series is interchangeable at half coupling level with other brands with the flange drilling in line with Italian steelmaking standards.
  • The main characteristics of the standard SF version are unchanged in additional versions illustrated in the SINFLEX catalogue.


  • The hub and shell forming the joint are made of high-quality carbon steel. They can be treated on request to prevent surface alterations.
  • Special calibrated bolts are used, with ground shanks made of alloy steel with anti-oxidation treatment.
  • Processing operations are precise, and tolerances are consistent to ensure perfect interchangeability, even with parts constructed at a later date.
  • The special convex teeth on the hubs ensure considerable resistance against wear, and the possibility of tolerating misalignment.
  • Lubrication is provided with grease; normal lateral seals are made with O-rings.
  • Hubs are also made in a long version, adapted to any application and for cases when keyway pressure must be contained.